Snow and Ice


Snow and Ice need to be removed from sidewalks in front of or abutting your property following a weather event and should be kept clear.  Notification will be given to property owners in violation of the ordinance.  Per Village of DeForest Ordinance 7.04, the Village shall remove any snow or ice and the cost of removal will be charged to the owner of the property.  A citation will be issued if this item is not addressed as specified.

To report a sidewalk that is not shoveled, click here:  Sidewalk.

Depositing Snow on Public Ways

Pushing, carrying or depositing snow or ice onto a roadway or sidewalk maintained for pedestrian or vehicular traffic is prohibited.  Depositing snow or ice in the roadway or sidewalk is dangerous and could cause injury or accidents and may not allow for safe vehicular or pedestrian passage by the public.  No snow or ice removed from private property shall be deposited in the public ways, or in areas expected to be cleared by personnel per Village of DeForest Code Section 23.10.  Violation for any of the above is punishable under Section 23.17 and will be enforced as such by the Village of DeForest.

Protect Water Pipes During Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and break.  Here are 6 Tips to avoid costly repairs: Frozen Pipes

Winter Readiness Reminders

For additional tips and rules regarding winter weather (alternate side parking, mailboxes, salt use), click here:  Winter Readiness