Bruns Street Reconstruction


Village Streets are maintained by the DeForest Public Works Department.  For any street related questions, please call (608) 846-6751.  Below is information on current street projects as well as descriptions of projects commonly done on village streets.

Project Descriptions



Street and Utility Reconstruction is a process where new sanitary sewer mains, water mains, storm sewer, curb and gutter is typically planned for a major street/utility reconstruction project.  Portions of the street where utility and street work are being completed will be entirely closed to through traffic.  Access to local residences will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.  Water and sewer services may be temporarily disconnected during utility work. 

Street Resurfacing
Street Resurfacing is a process where the street surface is crushed and regraded into the base course layer. After regrading, the street will be test rolled and any soft spots will be dug out. Upon satisfactory grading and compaction, two lifts of asphalt will be applied to reach the final street grade. There may be times during construction when it will not be possible to park on the street.

Chip Seal
A process that involves an application of liquid asphalt to the street surface, immediately followed by an application of stone chips.  This seals cracks in the pavement, and extends the life of the street surface.  Immediately after the process is completed, there will be some loose stone chips on the street and in the gutters which is normal.  The Village will sweep the streets a few days after chips are applied.  The goal of the process is for as many of the chips as possible to be embedded in the asphalt layer and driving on the new surface is the best way to make this happen.

Crack Filling
Crack filling is also done to extend the life of the street surface.  Filling in street cracks prevents water from settling to the base of the street, which can cause more issues with the street pavement.  Filling the crack can also prevent future pavement deterioration.