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Registration Form

Submit form to:

Village of DeForest
120 S. Stevenson Street
DeForest, WI 53532


After hours drop box available


*If you register for a program, you will NOT be contacted to confirm your registration has been received.  Unless you are contacted, please report to the program as scheduled in the program announcement.


Program Cancellations:

If you are wondering if a program is cancelled due to weather, please contact our cancellation hotline at: 846-6666 anytime AFTER 3 pm.  Updates are also posted on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/deforestparkandrec.

Cancellation Policy


Recreation Program Refund Policy:

Program fees are refundable when...
1. the activity is cancelled by the Village
2. the participant cancels for a medical reason preventing participation in at least 50% of the program (a physician’s note is required)
3. the participant un-enrolls 3 or more days prior to the beginning of the class


Resident/Non-Resident Policy:

A resident is anyone who resides within the DeForest Village boundaries. Residency is not based on school district boundary lines or mailing address. All other individuals are considered non-residents and may be charged an additional fee.

Fee Structure:
$5 Extra: Program $1 - $20
$10 Extra: Program $21 - $40
$15 Extra: Program $41 - $60
$20 Extra: Program $61+

Have additional questions, please see these FAQ's.


Financial Assistance:

The Village of DeForest offers financial assistance for recreational programming to residents who are eligible for free or reduced lunch through the DeForest Area School District.  Families who qualify for free lunch will receive a 50% reduction in fees.  Families who qualify for reduced lunch will receive a 25% reduction in fees.  To enroll in recreation program and apply for financial assistance:

  1. Fill out paper Registration Form and register for your desired programs assuming the reduction in fees.
  2. Along with your registration materials, include the Eligibility Release Form, which allows the DeForest Area School District to confirm free/reduced lunch eligibility with the Village of DeForest.