Yard Waste Collection Site

The DeForest yard waste collection site will be open from March 30 through November 27 for the 2024 year and accepts yard waste and brush from Village of DeForest residents.  

Items accepted at the yard waste collection site from village residents during operating hours:

  • Brush, branches, sticks and twigs.  
  • Grass clippings, sod, dirt, leaves, garden waste (corn stalks, pumpkins, etc.), flowers, pine cones and pine needles 
  • Extra cardboard collection (cardboard boxes broken down, flattened).
  • Scrap Metal (Complete list of accepted and non-accepted items found here.)
  • Separate grass clippings and leaves from brush as the items are required to be placed into separate cement bin pads at the yard waste site.
  • Empty any bags or containers and dispose of them properly at your home.
  • Note - Yard Waste Materials need to be disposed of at the Yard Waste Site, NOT in your automated recycling cart.
  • No Garbage/Trash is allowed at the compost site.


Items village residents can obtain at the yard waste collection site during operating hours:

  • Wood Chips from our curb side brush collection operation will be available free of charge at the yard waste facility during site hours with self loading.  Residents can load brush chips available at the site into their own small containers during normal site hours as available. 
  • Firewood available by permit with a fee, call Village Hall for details at 846-6751.