Storm Water

The Village of DeForest launched a storm water utility designed to protect our water quality, public health and public property from threats of water pollution.  Through the creation of the Storm Water Management Utility, the Village has taken major steps to ensure the protection of our natural waterways.  Storm water is generated when rain water hits impervious surfaces, such as rooftops, driveways and parking lots.  Impervious surfaces are those that do not allow the rainwater to penetrate, or infiltrate into the ground.  Rainwater and melting snow washes soil, litter, pet wastes, oil, fertilizers and other chemicals into the storm sewers and eventually into nearby waterways and drinking water supplies.  The Village of DeForest is dedicated to the prevention of contaminants entering our storm sewers and waterways, particularly the Yahara River, and for reducing the risk of flooding in our Village.

A storm water utility charges all developed properties in the Village a utility fee for the management of storm water based on the amount of storm water runoff their property generates.  The more impervious surfaces (rooftops, driveways, patio, parking lots) on a property, the higher the fee.  Fees are based upon an Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERA) and based on 2900 square feet of impervious surface.  In most cases, businesses will have more impervious surfaces thus generating more potential contamination than residential structures and will be required to pay a higher assessment reflecting that fact.  Impervious Areas Calculated in an ERU include roof (garage, house or business), driveway, patio, private sidewalk and parking lots.  Impervious areas not included in an ERU are lawn and landscaping, public road and right-of-way and public sidewalk. 

Control of storm water pollution is most effectively implemented when people and organizations understand the impact of storm water pollution, its sources, and the actions they can take to control it.  You can help the lakes by making sure only rain water - and nothing else - goes down the storm drains.  By limiting the use of fertilizers on lawns, sweep sidewalks, driveways, keep vehicles in good condition to reduce leaks, spills and rust, preserve and plant trees to reduce erosion, direct downspouts toward lawns, gardens and flowerbeds.  The Village of DeForest is a member of the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership (MAMSWP).  Love Your Lakes, Don't Leaf Them!  You can easily work for cleaner lakes and streams in Dane County, a world of ways is available by clicking Ripple Effects!