Election Day

Arriving at the Polling Location:

Voters can arrive at their polling place as early at 7:00 AM when the polls officially open.  The polls will remain open throughout the day, officially closing at 8:00 PM.  Both polling locations (DeForest Area Public Library and DeForest Village Hall) are accessible to elderly and disabled voters.

For Those Needing Special Assistance:

The Village of DeForest strives to ensure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballot.  Both polling locations, DeForest Area Public Library and DeForest Village Hall, are ADA compliant and accessible to elderly and disabled voters.  Voting booths and voting equipment for those who need assistance are available.  Additionally, curbside voting is available to those who cannot safely enter the polling location.  Feel free to call 608-846-6751 during office hours to alert staff if you need curbside voting.

See the Chief Inspector with any assistance you may need or questions you may have.

Checking In / Registering to Vote:

When an election inspector calls you forward, they will ask you to state your name, confirm your address, and present photo ID.  Wisconsin law requires photo ID to be presented.  Click here for acceptable forms of photo ID and expiration requirements.

IMPORTANT: If you are a new voter or your name or address has changed since the last time you voted, you will need to register/re-register with the election inspector.  Proof of Residence (POR) is required.  See here for examples of accepted POR.  The POR must have your current name and address.  Your Photo ID must have your current name.

Your voter information will be entered into an electronic poll book called a "Badger Book". (Please see below for more information about the Badger Book.) You will sign your name on the Badger Book with your finger and will then be given a voter number slip.

Obtaining / Completing Your Ballot:

Take your voter number slip to the ballot table.  You will give the number slip to the election inspector who will provide you with a ballot in a privacy sleeve and instruction on how to complete the ballot.  If you cannot or do not wish to complete a paper ballot by hand, a voting machine called an "Express Vote" with a touchscreen is available to use.  Let the election inspector know and they will provide you with the appropriate ballot.  The Chief Inspector will assist you with the Express Vote.

If completing a paper ballot by hand, proceed to a voting booth to complete your ballot.  You will find a pen in the booth to use.  If you make an error and require a replacement ballot, contact the Chief Inspector.

Submitting your Ballot:

Once you have completed your ballot, either by hand or by Express Vote, proceed to the voting machine with the ballot and secrecy sleeve.  You will place your ballot through the scanner on the machine and place the secrecy sleeve next to the scanner.


Please take an "I Voted" sticker or "Future Voter" sticker.  You can also take a picture at our selfie-station for use in your social media!


Additional Information on "Badger Books"

Badger Books replace the current two-person, paper poll book system with a one-person touch-screen tablet that replicates the poll book. The Badger Book e-poll book software was created by the Wisconsin Election Commission with direct integration into the Wisconsin Voting System (WisVote).

Badger Books are not connected to the Internet and data will be encrypted so your information remains safe. 

The Badger Book is primarily used to check in voters, process absentee ballots, and register voters on Election Day. By entering the voter's name, the Badger Book will be able to search the DeForest and statewide databases.  You will still be required to present photo ID and sign your name on the new electronic tablet.   You will be issued the same paper ballot to be completed and place your ballot in the voting machine to be counted.