The Village of DeForest Department of Public Works strives to clear the streets after a snow fall in a safe and efficient manner.  In the event that a plow damages your mailbox, please refer to the information below.


Village snow plow drivers make every effort to avoid mail boxes when plowing streets.  On occasion, there may be instances when a mailbox is damaged.  Click here to view the Village of DeForest mailbox replacement policy.  Damage to mail boxes should be reported using the form below or calling Village Hall within 72 hours of the occurrence of damage.  A few things can be done to minimize the chance that your mailbox is damaged during the winter season:

  • The mailbox must be correctly installed to the proper height and distance from the curb or shoulder to meet USPS standards.
  • Ensure that the post of your mailbox is securely in place in the ground and that it is free of rot, rust, or corrosion. 



The Public Services Operations Supervisor will review the site damage and the Public Works Department will contact you as to the outcome of the claim.

When the following criteria are met, the Village of DeForest Director of Public Services may administratively approve a maximum reimbursement of $100:
1. The Director is able to verify that a Village operator damaged the mailbox by striking the mailbox with equipment or a vehicle; and
2. The mailbox had been properly installed (meeting USPS installation guidelines outlined above) and was maintained in good condition immediately prior to damage occurring.

*The Village will NOT replace mail boxes that are damaged due to the force of snow hitting the mail box. 

* - denotes required field