Building Inspection, Permits & Fees

Zoning and building regulations ensure quality maintenance and new development within the Village.  With few exceptions, most construction projects require a building permit. This includes interior projects (kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, electric or plumbing upgrades, and construction projects that alter structural supports), exterior projects (siding, windows) and new construction (decks, fences, pools, sheds, and home/garage additions). 

Depending on the type of project, non-residential construction may require site plan review and approval before a building permit may be issued. 

Why get a permit for your project? Permits help ensure that work is done properly and safely, and meets the standards of local and state codes. They help avoid unintentional code violations and the hassles that can result, saving time and money. Getting permits for your project can also help with property sales. Village-wide, permits ensure that DeForest has a safe and high-quality building stock for years to come.

Application, Permits & Forms

Fees for Building and Development (effective 1.1.2023)