Automated Cart Information

  • The Village of DeForest is mandated by the State of Wisconsin to recycle.
  • Garbage and Recycling carts are the property of the Village of DeForest.
    • The carts need to remain with the property address and are tracked by the serial number stamped on each cart. 
    • Lost or Stolen Carts:  Any costs related to replacing a lost or stolen cart will be the responsibility of the property owner.  65 gallon cart cost is $70 and 95 gallon cart cost is $95 for each cart.
    • House Number:  Public Works Department recommends putting your street address number on your carts.  The best place to put the numbers is on the front side of the cart, opposite the lid hinges.  Preferably use numbers with a sticky back which are a minimum of 3" in height.  Numbered carts help everyone keep track of carts.
  • Need a Cart or Need to Make an Exchange? 
    • There are two cart sizes available: 95 Gallon dimensions 46.1" Height, 27.7" Width, 31.6" Depth;  65 gallon dimensions 42.2" Height, 25.9" Width, 26.5" Depth 
    • New Home: For a new home, when occupancy date is determined, call Village Hall to make arrangements for an automated garbage and recycling cart.
    • Automated Cart Exchange:  If you want to exchange one or both of your automated carts for a different size, please call Village Hall.  A $75 exchange fee will be charged. 
    • Need a second garbage or recycling cart? Contact LRS/Badgerland to make arrangements through them directly. Additional charge will apply and will be billed directly by LRS/Badgerland. Call 608-580-0580 for more information.