You may enter a plea of “Not Guilty” in writing prior to court either by e-mail, mail or fax.   Include your name, current address, phone number, the date you were scheduled to appear, the charge, the citation number, and the name of the police agency that issued the citation, Village of Windsor or Village of DeForest.  The court will mail you a Pretrial Conference Notice after it receives your “Not Guilty” plea. 

     You may also plead “Not Guilty” at your initial court appearance in writing.  You will be given a notice for a Pretrial Conference. You must appear for the Pretrial Conference. 

           If you do not pay the amount on the citation or enter a "Not Guilty" plea before the court date, and do not appear in court, the court will deem your non-appearance a plea of "No Contest" and a default judgment will be entered against you.  A Notice of Judgment will be mailed to you indicating the judgment entered,  the amount owed, and when it is due.