Oil Recycling

Oil Recycling Location:  DeForest Public Works Building, 201 Commerce Street
The oil recycling container is available to Village of DeForest residents only.

HOURS: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm - Monday - Thursday; 7:30 am to 1:30 pm - Friday
Oil recycling site is closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Only Oil is to be Dumped into the Recycling Container
NO oil with additives - NO Solvents - NO paint thinners - NO Oil Filters

The oil recycling container is located inside the Public Service Building garage at 201 Commerce Street in the northwest corner.  It is clearly marked for oil recycling.  Please park in the parking lot located on the railroad track side of the building.  Enter the building through the small green service door entrance.  Be watchful for Public Works Department vehicles leaving and entering the building.  Please pour oil from your container into the top funnel area of the oil recycling container.  Take your containers with you and dispose of them properly at your home or business.  Due to the dumping of other materials at the site int eh past, the hours are restricted to Village business hours to to allow dumping to be monitored.

Effective January 1, 2011, Wisconsin Act 86, prohibits disposal of used oil filters and oil absorbents materials in a solid waste disposal facility.  Therefore, oil filters and absorbents are not allowed in your automated carts and are not allowed at the Village of DeForest oil drop off location.  Dane County has many locations to recycle oil filters available to Dane County residents, information is available on the Dane county website, click on Oil Filter Recycling Locations (then contact the specific business for information, services are free or a fee is charged).  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources DNR website has information on the oil filters and absorbents, why the ban, facts, resources, managing and recycling available by clicking on DNR Oil Filters & Absorbents Recycling.  The DNR publication on the landfill ban of used oil filters and absorbents with questions and answers is available below by clicking on the document below.