Special Item Removal Information

Advanced Disposal Services is the contracted disposal company for the Village of DeForest and they will help you remove additional or special items at curb side.  You can also make arrangements with the disposal company of your choice.  For more information and to make arrangements call Advanced Disposal Services at (608) 251-7878. 


Electronics:  Wisconsin's electronics recycling law (2009 Act 50, 9/1/2010) prohibits disposal of certain electronic devices in Wisconsin landfills or placing these devises in a container intended for disposal or incineration.  Veolia will remove e-waste items for an additional fee.  View the links below for other options:
E-Cycle Wisconsin:  this link gives information on electronic collection sites, Wisconsin's electronic recycling law, electronics covered under the law, and contact information.
E-Cycle Wisconsin Brochure:  View this brochure for more information on recycling electronics. 

Oil Filters and Absorbents:  Wisconsin Act 86, prohibits disposal of used oil filters and oil absorbent materials in a solid waste disposal facility, effective 1/1/2011.  Therefore, oil filters and absorbents are not allowed in your automated carts and are not allowed at the Village of DeForest oil drop off location.  Dane County and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources websites have information on facts and recycling - which is available by clicking on Oil Filters and Absorbents

Fluorescent Lamps & Incandescent Bulbs:  These items contain toxic heavy metals and are regulated as hazardous wastes.  View the Dane County page for Fluorescent Lamps and Incadescent Bulbs Recycling options.

Paint:  Latex paint (which is not a hazardous material) once dry can be disposed of in your automated garbage carts.  The latex paint cans must be empty, or the remaining paint must be dry with lid removed.  To dry latex paints and water based paints leave the lid off and allow to dry.  You can also add kitty litter to speed up the drying process.  Once dry, the latex paint cans may then be thrown in the regular automated trash carts. 
Latex Paint, IF the can is mostly full can be taken to Clean Sweep to allow others to use the leftover paint.  Only latex paint that is mostly full, still in good condition and in its original container with an intact label.  Paint cans with oil and enamel based paint must be taken to the Clean Sweep collection facility. 

Deer Carcass:  Advanced Disposal will not remove deer carcasses.  View the Wisconsin DNR website for more information on deer hunting in Wisconsin.