DeForest Windsor Trail

Yahara Materials Inc. Connects DeForest and Windsor by Trail

DeForest and Windsor families will be safely biking and walking between communities this summer and beyond.  This is because Yahara Materials donated their services and materials to construct a 10’ wide, limestone trail connecting the Antique Acres and Holland Fields neighborhoods.  

Open a PDF map of the new trail by clicking here:  DeForest Windsor Trail

The temporary trail travels south from Case Lane in the Village of DeForest to Cradle Hill Park, a Village of Windsor park.  Surrounded by agricultural fields to the east and west, the trail will stay inside a 66 foot corridor that is already platted and owned by the Village of DeForest for future street right of way.

The future permanent trail will be asphalt to accommodate all types of users.  A specific timeline has not been established yet, since economic factors have slowed the rate of new residential construction.  As the Heritage Gardens residential development continues to fill in and it progresses with future development phases, DeForest staff will work with the land developer to integrate the planned long-term trail solution.

Questions can be directed to:  Kelli Bialkowski, 608-846-6751,