Yahara River Water Trail Development

The Village of DeForest recognizes the value of the Yahara River. The Yahara River has value to the ecosystems that depend and interact with it as well as the recreational and educational components it can provide. Acknowledging that connecting people with the river opens up unique recreational opportunities while cultivating a respect and appreciation for the Yahara River, the Village has planned to develop a Yahara River Water Trail.

The map below highlights potential water access locations. Below are the access locations:


River Access Points
Veteran's Park: Open
Western Green Park: Open
Off of Innovation Drive: Open
Windsor Road Trailhead: Open (a short hike down to trail to the river)
You may want to put in or take out along some of the street bridges too - South Street or River Road (be conscious of traffic on this busy street)

Future Access Points
Marvin and Marie Schweers Natural Area (North of Firestone): 2016?

Is the river navigable?
This is a very shallow river by nature, so kayaks are best and you'll still bottom out in riffles unless water levels are higher than normal. You may want to check water level before planning your trip. The water trail is open with minimal blockages. A kayak trip on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 from South St to the southern River Rd bridge (near Illinois Seed Co) reports no blockages.

If you go, enjoy the scenery and wildlife and let us know how your trip was.

Things you may want to consider bringing with you:
Bug spray
Waterproof bag to store camera and cell phone