Village Board

The Village President is the chief executive officer of village government and delegates the responsibilities of day to day operations and management of resources to the Village Administrator.  The President is elected at-large to a two-year term with the election year being every odd numbered year. 

The Village President serves as the presiding officer of the Village Board of Trustees and is a voting member of that board. 

The Village Board of Trustees determines the policies that determine the Village's present and future well being, and provides leadership for planning and community development.

The Village Board is very interested in your questions and concerns regarding the Village.  You may appear at the Village Board meeting by completing a Notice of Appearance form and handing it to the Village Clerk prior to the start of the meeting.  This will bring your question or concern to the Board, but they will not be allowed to act on the item unless it is an agenda item. If you have a question or concern that you would like as an agenda item, contact the Village President or the Village Clerk at 846-6751 to learn how to achieve this.

Meeting Details:
The DeForest Village Board meets the first and third Tuesday of each month in the DeForest Commons Room located in the Village Hall Building at 120 S Stevenson Street at 6:00 PM.  View our Calendar of Events here:  Calendar

Become a Member:
To run for local office, click here:  Elections

Agendas and Minutes:
Available here:  Agendas & Minutes

Village Board Members: 

Judd Blau, President (term: 4/2017 - 4/2019)
414 Rosemal Lane
Bio Here: Judd Blau


Abigail Lowery, Trustee (term: 4/2017-4/2019)
513 Yahara Street
Bio Here: Abigail Lowery


Shirley Cunningham, Trustee (term: 4/2017 - 4/2019)
215 N Lexington Parkway
Bio Here: Shirley Cunningham


Jeff Miller, Trustee (term: 4/2016 - 4/2018)
914 Mack Lane
Bio Here: Jeff Miller


Jason Kramar, Trustee (term: 4/2017 - 4/2019)
508 Woodvale Drive
Bio Here: Jason Kramar


Chip Van Meter, Trustee (term: 4/2016 - 4/2018)
717 Acker Parkway
Bio Here:  Chip Van Meter


Colleen Little,  Trustee (term: 4/2016-4/2018)
704 Cumberland Court
Bio Here: Colleen Little